Pomodorìa, the first pizzeria focused on tomato, is born in Sarno

Just two months after the opening of the Gustarosso Academy - the cooperative project that is set up in a country pizza, general bakery and cooking school - the cooperative space is enhanced with the Pomodorìa - Pomodoro School and Tasting Room for agricultural products project. Pomodorìa, in fact, is the first “pizzeria” focused on tomatoes and vegetables given by the members of the DANIcoop cooperative.

The concept of Pomodorìa is closely linked to the business life of the DANIcoop cooperative and its shop, now in its twelfth year of life, which over time has been enriched with excellence not only of the Campania region but of all of Italy.

La Pomodorìa, therefore, is the natural continuation of a "food culture" operation: you can see and buy what you can eat comfortably sitting there.

Thus conceived, the Pomodorìa Gustarosso aspires to be a meeting place between traditional agriculture, the priceless value of the cooperative, and the art of the Neapolitan pizza maker, recently recognized by UNESCO as a cultural and intangible heritage of humanity.

To make this marriage between tomato and pizza, Pomodorìa takes its goodness in the hands of Gennaro Salvo, Master Pizzamaker, defined by newspapers as "the romantic pizzamaker".

Belonging to a large family of pizza chefs, Gennaro Salvo has worked with Ciro Salvo at Massè di Torre Annunziata and collaborated with Gino Sorbillo at the opening of Lievito Madre al Mare and Sorbillo’s pizzerias in Milan.

On the menu, you will see only nine different types of pizza: Six of these nine pizzas will have as main ingredient the tomato: it starts from Zi 'Alfonso (pizza cosacca with tomato Crovarese Gustarosso), passing through the Zi' Ninuccio (marinara pizza enriched with tomato Spunzillo a pacchetelle), the Zi 'Vincenzo (Margherita pizza with San Marzano), Zi' Eduardo (white with Lucariello yellow cherry tomatoes), Zi 'Antonio (white pizza with tomato pacchetelle, that is hand cut tomato fillets), to finish with the Zi 'Pasquale (white pizza with tomatoes naturally dried in the sun).

Instead, there are two pizzas dedicated to vegetables and vegetables of the territory, which will change from season to season; for the winter there will be the Zi 'Aitan with the friarielli coming from the Gustarosso gardens and the Zi' Filomena, which foresees the use of the so-called "paga-pagelle". The last pizza, however, will be Don Gennaro, subject to the inspiration of the moment of the master Gennaro Salvo and therefore not repeatable.

Due to the limited availability of agricultural products, particularly tomatoes, the ingredients of the pizzas may sometimes undergo variations.

The offer is completed by a small offer of wholesome pastries of peasant bread, frying Agro and cutting boards and a selection of traditional desserts, for whose production we will rely on the local patisseries.

The beverage sector will also give space to small artisanal products such as the Spuma Nera, the Aranciata and the Gassosa of the Paoletti company, a company with more than 100 years of history in the production of artisan soft drinks. For the wines we will focus on the Cantina Sociale of Solopaca with Falanghina and Aglianico; while for beer the territory will still be the protagonist with the Maneba di Striano, a local Brewery.

Pomodorìa will be open from Wednesday to Saturday, from 7.00 pm to 11.00 pm. The reservation can be made with a message on the Facebook pages Gustarosso or Gustarosso Academy, or by calling 081 94 48 98.

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